Submissions Guidelines

Have an old essay you’re really proud of? Some strong opinions about Classics? Submit a piece to Tribune of the Plebs!


  • All submissions must be related to Classics or the Ancient World in some way.
  • Max 2,000 words.
  • Semi-informal language – your writing should be accessible.
  • Any sources used should be cited at the end in a bibliography, but no in-text citations are needed, unless you’re using a direct quote.
  • Use the Google Form (linked below!) to submit your piece.
  • All submissions must be respectful – there should be no bigotry or inflammatory content in any piece. Anybody who submits an article in violation of this guideline will be banned from submitting to Tribune of the Plebs in the future.
  • Trigger Warnings must be included if you are writing about challenging subjects such as sexual assault, themes of racism, homophobia etc.

If you are unsure about your piece or have any further questions about the guidelines, either email us at, or DM us on Instagram or Facebook.

Types of Submissions We Accept

  • Opinion Pieces
    • Please be respectful!
    • Can be about Classics in general, a book review, current news/debates.
  • Academic pieces
    • These can be original pieces or essay extracts – please do not submit any work that is being for a current/future course or is unmarked. We do not want you to get accused of academic misconduct.
    • As mentioned, references are not required, but bibliography should be included at the end.
  • Personal pieces
    • these can be about your experience in Classics, advice on university life, how you got into Classics, a cool trip you went on, etc!

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