Asexuality in the Ancient World

What is Asexuality? And why is it something which is contested when looking at it in the ancient world? Livy uses her experiences as an asexual to look at some goddesses, and whether or not they are ace.

A Night with the Nymphs

Coming to our biggest event of the year? Or interested in reading about the stories of some of the most iconic nymphs? Read here to find out more about Echo, Nephele, Thalia and more.

Change will not come from above

What is happening to the state of Classics within Scottish State Schools? How does this have an impact on schools, and the number of pupils taking Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation? High School teacher George Connor, reveals his thoughts on the matter.

A Classic Anomaly?

By Grace Volante CW: mention of sexual assault My first foray into Classics saw me unknowingly sheltered from the wider problems of the discipline.  The enthusiasm with which my teachers delivered A Level Classical Civilisation helped infect me with the same enthusiasm, as did learning Latin with a big outreach organisation led by student volunteers. …

What is LGBT + history month, and why do we celebrate it?

By George Ross LGBT+ history month is celebrated each year in February. It is a time to commemorate queer activism and reflect on the challenges queer people still face today. It is an opportunity for both queer people and allies alike, to learn about queer histroy, icons, and important figures in the gay rights movement.…

Al-Mansur: The Muslim patron of Classics

By Alex Krabbendam When we think of the Classics, we think of white marble columns, gaudy statues, and purple hemmed togas. Our European languages, science, and even our morals all stem from those ancient people in Greece and Rome. Democracy and imperialism all mashed up into a ball of western brilliance. So it was; so…


By Dr. Alex Imrie My route into Classics is one that has been deemed ‘non-traditional’ by some. I never had the chance to try ancient languages or Classical Studies at school; and beyond a unit on the Romans in Primary 5 and a couple weeks on the Egyptians in secondary school, I didn’t get to…


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