A Classic Anomaly?

By Grace Volante CW: mention of sexual assault My first foray into Classics saw me unknowingly sheltered from the wider problems of the discipline.  The enthusiasm with which my teachers delivered A Level Classical Civilisation helped infect me with the same enthusiasm, as did learning Latin with a big outreach organisation led by student volunteers. Continue reading “A Classic Anomaly?”

Imposter Syndrome?

By Tristan Craig At the high school I attended, Classical Studies was certainly not on the curriculum. In fact – and I’m somewhat ashamed to admit this – I didn’t actually take History beyond my first year; the allure of igneous rock and a week in the Swiss alps (via a 56-hour round coach trip)Continue reading “Imposter Syndrome?”

A Somewhat-Definitive Guide to Studying YOUR Definition of Classics at University

By Mia Nicole Davies A significant amount of the discourse I engage in (if one of my lecturers reads this, I have probably stalked you on Twitter) surrounds the definition and inclusivity of Classics both in terms of its scholarly areas of focus and those who study it. Being a multiply-marginalised person with academic interestsContinue reading “A Somewhat-Definitive Guide to Studying YOUR Definition of Classics at University”

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